Minecraft updates since 2014


After Microsoft acquired Minecraft in 2014 for 2.5 billion USD a lot has changed to Minecraft as a game – but it keeps things interesting at all times.

Microsoft Activity

I was surprised to see the many changes that have happened ever since that day. I logged back in this weekend to just see what is changed.
Even though we were afraid at the time Microsoft took over Minecraft and Mojang, actually very little has changed to the quality of Minecraft. I rather say it has improved bigtime.
They still bring out major and minor patches every so often.

New Animals

Polar Bear

New Monsters



Combat System overhaul
Lots and lots and lots more blocks

Combat Changes

One of the main additions to the game is the focus on combat. Combat has really changed big time.
You can now battle with two weapons at the same time or with a sword and a shield at the same time.
They added various new attacks to the wide range of weapons.
To make combat more challenging, a cool-down delay was added to swinging attacks, making timing your attacks well a new strategy.
Players can also duel in combat against each other.

Playing With Players From All Platforms

Microsoft and Mojang hope to bring Minecraft to multiple platforms on the same version, so that everybody can play together in the same Realm.
Currently it is available for most platforms, but players are limited to play with others within the same platform.

To My Experience

The last time I played it, the game was on 1.8. Now the game has passed 1.11.
Since then lots of new blocks have added and functionality has changed. Still, it has never become worse in the game.
And we shouldn’t forget that the many patches also fix the many bugs the game acquires upon every release. ‘

Next to new building blocks and mechanics, Minecraft also gets new animals and monsters added sometimes, so the game is just kept interesting for both returning players and new players.

Hmm.. I think I should soon spend some more time into the game and produce some more articles about it.

What do you think about the more recent changes to Minecraft?

Game on!


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