Mario Kart 8 WiiU Direct April 30th


About a week ago Nintendo showed us a special edition of Nintendo Direct, their streaming channel, about the upcoming title Mario Kart 8 for WiiU. Here’s our small report on that.


That what is making Mario Kart 8 different from its previous 7 versions is that the WiiU has much more capacity and technology for advanced graphical and physical stuff in animation, graphics quality and calculation capacity.

Antigravity is one of these features. Antigravity is that the Kart’s will be able to go upside down on gravity defying courses. Think loops like in Sonic or in certain stunt racing games.

A light blue panel turns your kart into an antigravity hovercraft. The camera changes slightly (not following the kart any longer, as that would make players sick, but a sort of side view) for a better view on the action. Replays however do show the looping action if you want it to.

With the antigravity the courses can go along the side of walls of buildings, down a waterfall or make loops.

Normally you should avoid crashing into opponents as that would slow you down, but in antigravity mode you should crash into them to create spin turbo, a special turbo speeding you to victory! You can also smash into blue rotating bars (object) on the course to create the same effect.

Mario Kart 8 comes with course diversity:
– Underground racing
– Gravity defying courses
– Curved surfaces

In Mario Kart 8 you will also be able to customize your kart:
– Body type
– Tire type
– Glider type

This will create unique looks and it will make sure for optimal performance specified for each course.

Mario Kart 8 comes with minions and heroes for the official races

Bowser’s minions:
– Larry
– Troy
– Iggy
– Lemmy
– Morton
– Wendy
– Ludwig

The Heroes:
– Baby Rosalina
– Pink Gold Peach
– and all the other Mario Heroes
– And your Mii characters

Special and new pickup blocks on the courses:

+ Boomerang Flower
– You have two chances to hit, once on the way out towards the target and another time when it returns.
– You can keep on throwing.

+ Piranha Plant
– Eats your opponents in front of your kart, even banana’s on the course.

+ Figure Eight
– 8 powerups in one, have fun with blasting away your opponents!

+ Super Horn
– Shockwave to take out others
– Shielding to protect from objects or attacks targeted at you

Karts vs Bikes
In Mario Kart 7 was the Bike the fastest on courses. After extensive testing and optimizing have both Bike and Kart become on an even chance depending on the course. The results are very close on miliseconds.

Online Play
Because the console can handle much more, you can play with up to 12 players in one course.

There are four online modes available:
– Globally
– Regionally
– With friends
– Tournaments

There will be voice chat available to communicate with friends and rivals.
The Tournaments are events that are held by Nintendo in holidays and weekends.

Ghost data from all around the world can be downloaded and can be used to compete against.

When you beat a staff’s ghost data, you are rewarded with a special Miiverse stamp and your ghost data will be uploaded.

Mario Kart 8 comes with live recorded music.

Mario Kart TV
Mario Kart TV will be a new channel for WiiU. With this channel, Nintendo hopes to spread the word about Mario Kart 8 and ofcourse make a great platform for sharing and viewing each others gameplay.

Mario Kart TV features:
– View highlights of your own races
– View replays from yourself and others
– Upload your gameplay
– Download videos from around the world
– Share highlights with a comment on Miiverse
– Upload race highlights directly to your youtube channel (with accounts that are in good standing)
– Share your content via social media

Release date:
Mario Kart 8 will be released on the 30th of May 2014. For those with Club Nintendo membership (certain countries do not have access to this feature, so check yourself), there will be a special deal for those buying Mario Kart 8 before July, as a second free WiiU game download code can be obtained.

The following games can be chosen when you order before July and are a Nintendo Club Member:
– Nintendoland
– Monster Hunter 3
– Game & Wario
– Pikmin 3
– Wonderful 101
– Zelda Windwaker HD
– Sonic Lost World
– Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
– Wii PartyU
– New Super Mario Bros. U.

Here’s a new trailer for Mario Kart 8:

That’s it for now!

Game on!


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