Gaming 2015 and backlog

Well, as I said before, I lost quite the amount of data due to a technical issue with the server.
So here’s what has been occupying me gaming-wise the past year.

First and foremost I play a lot of MMORPG’s, such as Guild Wars 2 and Wildstar. Wildstar has become free to play, so I can play that now whenever I like. And as I have been a paying member, I have a higher status than a new account has – more options.

Wildstar has added a lot of cool new features and events that keep the game fun. Even though I am at max level, I have tons of fun with designing the housing instance. And they keep releasing patches/content that they call Drop’s.
A downside is perhaps that there is always some sort of system tied into buying something from the shop, but it is not a gamebreaking requirement either. We love the contracts and veteran expeditions sofar.

Guild Wars 2 has gotten its first expansion in October 2015. It added some new maps and cool features such as gliding and other game mechanics that can be used for various types of content. Recently in January 2016, they released a free patch in which gliding is also possible in non-expansion ground (Tyria).
I am not super impressed with the expansion however… I hoped for more maps and content.
They already announced that a new expansion is on the way and otherwise some content patches the coming year. We will have to see what they come up with.

Otherwise I got tons and tons of games for Christmas and my birthday, so I got a HUGE backlog.

Apart from Guild Wars 2 and Wildstar, I currently play:
– Fallout 4 (PC)
– Xenoblade Chronicles X (WiiU)
– Super Mario Maker (WiiU)

We also got a PS4 now, but I have barely played on it yet. We bought Tearaway and Final Fantasy Type-O HD for it. We got a Star Wars game with it. Sofar the PS4 is collecting dust while the WiiU is making over-hours.

Otherwise I got tons of games on PC via Steam, here is a couple of them:

– Ether
– Craft the World
– Skyrim Legendary
– The Witcher Trilogy
– Borderlands 2 goty + Borderlands 1 goty
– Ori and the Blind Forest
– Pillars of Eternity
– The Witcher Trilogy Pack (1,2,3)
– (and more!)

So, I got tons to play and perhaps also review.

Game on!

The Game Mistress

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