Gaming 2016 and backlog

Here’s what has been occupying me gaming-wise the past year and what I am looking forward to for coming 2017.

I am still playing Guild Wars 2 and Wildstar from time to time.
Guild Wars 2 mainly because of the regular living story updates. Wildstar because of bigger patches and for designing my house plot.

Last Christmas I got tons and tons of games in presents, which gave me a huge backlog of games to play. I am actually still working on this backlog.

This is what I have played:
– Super Mario Maker WiiU
– Xenoblade Chronicles WiiU
– Fallout 4 (PC)
– Tearaway (PS4)
– Final Fantasy Type-O HD (PS4)
– Borderlands 1 (PC)
– Ori and the Blind Forest (PC)

This is what I still have to play:
– Ether
– Craft the World
– Skyrim Legendary
– The Witcher Trilogy
– Borderlands 2 goty
– Pillars of Eternity
– The Witcher Trilogy Pack (1,2,3)

I have otherwise have a hunch that more games are going to be given to me in presents this Christmas. There will be plenty to review and write about the coming year.

Otherwise there are some great games coming on the market next year and I am also looking very much forward to  Nintendo’s new console, the Nintendo Switch.

Game on!

The Game Mistress

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