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Everquest is coming with its third installment. Everquest Next (Landmark). Even though they seem to be the same game, they are two different games that belong to each other. On Friday I wrote about Everquest Next, so today I write about Everquest Next Landmark.


Everquest Next Landmark is a sandbox game/application that can be used to create your own adventures. The game is seperate from the Everquest Next game, but it contains the same tools as the developers have/had when they were building EQNext.

This means you will be able to craft a beautiful environment for your quest/storyline through the in game, you can craft the quest around it with the questing tool and use various scripting tools to script events and monster spawns.

Whether your design will be used or not in the official Everquest Next game depends on how creative and innovative your new feature. New and innovative designs (whether that are complete adventures or simply buildings or objects) will be chosen by the developers to implement in the main MMO.

Questionable though, how your own creative design ‘copyrights’ will be handled.

So basicly you can play here your own stories after editing your experiences.

You will need to gather materials to build them that way, so gather enough stone for stone patterns etc. You can change (paint) objects to another material later using the paint tool, as long as you have the required resources for it.

With the ability to creatively and interactively create things in this game, we can expect:

– jumping puzzles
– full stories with quests and events
– and most likely: easy way outs on loot… if such thing as loot is implemented.
– and much more..

as designs by players.
In Everquest Next Landmark, you have a set of actions (Select, delete, heal, smooth, paint, and line) and you have materials (patterns) and objects (props).

Note that the objects (props) can be designed as well using the props editor.

Select, delete, heal and smooth are the tools everybody will have at start, while other more advanced functions will be unlockable and acquireable during gameplay.

With ‘select’ you select the objects or areas, with ‘delete’ you delete the current selection, with ‘heal’ you restore it to a previous point (UNDO button) and with ‘smooth’ you can smooth out any rough edges.

Advanced functionality can be earned:

Paint – to apply material to the selected area, to redo your wooden house with diamond;
Line tool – This is for angles and inclines. You can make beveled areas etc. Very effective tool, but needs to be earned.

The flight tool – this also needs to be earned. In the basic form you are bound to the ground and have to walk around your house to build it. In flight mode you can fly around your creations on various heights.

Most materials need to be earned through gathering.

Props can either be purchased, built by your prop editor or bought through the ingame marketplace where other players offer their creations. These creations can be acquired by buying them using an ingame currency. This currency can be exchanged for real money, meaning that you could basicly earn money from the 3D creation of various items / props in this game. You can figure, that the tools for making props are more advanced than the creation of buildings, although to make things really look good you can expect to put a lot of time into this game.

For being able to build and make things, you have to be having your own plot of land. Outside the plot you are very limited as to what you can do. Inside your plot you can design everything. The engine is voxelbased but you can also place objects and things of nature. You can basicly change the environment from a flat piece of land towards a mountain with trees and a waterfall.

Be creative about this!

The plot area you choose / buy, decides on what materials, props and landscape will be available to you.

You can build in public and in realtime, everybody inside Landmark can see you building things up. If you feel like you have to test out something quickly or if you want to hide certain techniques from others to learn from, there is an option to instance your building process and to not show anyone what you are working with.

Griefing could happen, but only if you allow others to change things inside your plot. It’s a better idea to only allow trusted friends to build in your plot.3084[/img]

I am really looking forward already, for this game alone I would want to play it. If we can get our hands on an alpha or beta, we will surely be seeing more of this game soon on this website!

Here’s two video’s to explain it all.

Introduction video Landmark

Building a house

Game on!


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