Clicker heroes an idle game that got me hooked!

So sometimes when I am bored ( yes believe it or not I do get bored) I sometimes surf various flash sites for small games I can play. One game did caught my attention Clicker heroes.

Clicker heroes is a type of game in the idle genre if you don’t know what an idle game is allow me to explain:

An idle game is basically a game that plays itself. (such as cookie clicker, or web tycoon) in the beginning you have to click like mad to generate money for your game. but sooner or later you can buy some decent upgrades that lets the game auto click or play itself. If the game is really well programmed you don’t have to have the game running in the background since it will run while your browser is closed. You get the picture.

So what is so special about Clicker heroes?

Clicker heroes is a game where you have to level up various heroes that you unlock and kill monsters. the goal? Level up doing as much damage as possible and earn as much gold as possible to level and purchase more heroes unlocks and hero souls. Did I mention that game has cute monsters?

Clicker Heroes itself is super easy to play but it does require your attention when you get to the stage that you unlock skills and primal bosses.

If you want to know just what i am talking about head over to here and see for yourself. it’s a very fun flash game that will get you addicted in no time.

Another neat thing about this game is the fact the devs keep upgrading the game. soon they will release v 0.12 that will add another interesting twist to the game: The Ancients mechanic.

It wouldn’t be fair to write a review about this game yet since it’s still in early stages. But I can promise you the game is fun!

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