ArenaNet’s Offline Communication


Seems ArenaNet, the publisher behind Guild Wars 2, is communicating their game and upcoming content on totally different channels currently.[/intro]

Some players, but not all players, seem to be getting Christmas Cards. Yes, Christmas is over, but they might have sent these cards out too late that they are arriving only just now at some places in the world. This has been done with a selection or at random.

The other communication seems to have been done to some press sites, such as in the form of a metronome. A metronome is a tool for musical instrument players to keep in tact, ticking away on the background of your play. The metronome bears the logo of Guild Wars 2 and has a specific text on the back of the metronome:

Thump, Thump. Time to jump.

Wipe all resistance from your mind

There’s a secret deep below to find

If you’d only seen the things I’ve seen

You’d wake up screaming from The Dream

This next part will sting, but it brings me joy

Sometimes to change you must destroy

A fire is rising you cannot contain

Tyria will burn, while I remain.

which is a reference to what is going to happen at the upcoming patch on the 21st of January 2014, which will feature the first of four episodes for the conclusion of the living story with Scarlet in it. We hope for a new Elder Dragon and a brilliant ending to the story. Also do we hope for a big update at the end of it all with lots of new content.

From the Recap site: “Looking into 2014 and back on the plot of the main story of 2013, many questions remain: why did Scarlet brings these groups together? What did she see when she looked into the eternal alchemy, and how did it change her? What is she trying to accomplish? Is she just nuts, or is there something far more sinister going on? How do each of these moments through 2013 tie together?
The answer to all of these questions await in our four upcoming releases in 2014: and lead to one final moment that will change the face of Tyria forever.

We will have to see what will happen.

Game on!


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