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About Us

The Website
We write articles about games technology, game reviews, game previews, new release information in the gaming world and the psychology behind gaming. We want to prove information, backed up with fact and not by pure rumours.

We support all consoles all type of games, phones, handhelds and web based games.
We even support products that have not been released yet.
The Game Mistress is a true gamer, who plays a game no matter what it is.

The Authors

 The Game Mistress

I am The Game Mistress!

A true gamer at heart. I played video games since the age of 3. It all started with the Atari 2600 and NES.
Gaming took serious off when I got my first console at the age of 5, my very own Sega Mega Drive. Nowadays I play more games than before.

For me every game isn’t finished before it’s played out and played to the max. I do enjoy good and deep game design. I play on all consoles. I write mostly reviews when I finished a game or about cats.

Otherwise I occupy my time with drawing dark fantasy or spend time working on my very own book.


A webprogrammer and marketing manager, very interested in technology, renewal energy and gaming.

Interested in learning new things. Loves to write about gaming, game development, psychology and his adventures in Norway with his wife.

Creates websites, even the one you are looking at now! Streams on Twitch under the name @SmileBringer.