A Bunch of Horrible but Hilarious Games on Steam

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Here is a small list of games that I was either sadly gifted or I accidently came across on Steam. Warning some of these games will make you question your reality, are not for the faint of heart, are definitely NSFW and probably for an older audience.

Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015
Shower with your Dad Simulator

Have you always dreamed about how it would be like to shower with your father? Did you always have the desire to shower with your dad, but were far too shy or too intelligent to ask? Worry not, this game has you covered!

As the title shows, you indeed shower with your or other people’s dads. This pairing game is all about getting the young boy to the right father. Be warned, pair the kid to the wrong dad and there will be dire consequences. Disturbingly enough, this game is surprisingly fun.

I however had to make sure no one was watching me playing this game, as I had some people laughing at me.

There’s Poop In My Soup

There's Poop in my Soup

Once upon a time, there was a bored child who decided to travel to three countries to make the locals SUFFER! How? Well by throwing poop on people and on their food. Yes, you heard me right; he loves to throw poop in your soup!

In this game you play this little brat (who I am more than convinced about it to be Bart Simpson), who decided to go on holiday. His mission is simple: throw poop on everything that moves or stands still, causing grieve and trauma in people’s lives.

If you successfully manage to throw poop on someone, the person will lose its mind and randomly cause havoc and destruction.

This game made me laugh for all the wrong reasons and naturally brought out my sadistic side. There is nothing more enjoyable then watching shit happening to other people.

And now for something completely different;

Genital Jousting

Genital Jousting

Are you one of those people who is mentally disturbed? Did you always want to take your friend from behind, because he really got on your nerves? Did you ever want to cause someone to walk a bit funny the next morning? Well I have the best news ever!

It is all possible in this disturbing, up to eight players, (local and remote) multiplayer game. You do not even have to be a man. You are very fortunate or unfortunate, depending on which side of sanity you are, to control a phallus, or today’s modern word, a penis with an anus between the balls.

Dear lord. I cannot believe I am writing this.

Your goal is to stick your penis up your friends bum. Yes, you heard me. Once you successfully penetrated your mate, a lot of sticky stuff gushes out of the top the penis. This game takes the meaning of gangbangs to a completely new level; gangbangs have never been more fun.

Just watching the gameplay video made me die inside. I had to question my own reality if this was real or a screwed up dream.

So there you have it, a list of some very disturbing games that exist on Steam.

If you ever want to shower with your dad, throw some poop on people as a new cure of boredom or have a pleasurable gangbang with your friends, these are the games you have to check out ((please don’t)).

If you are like me and wonder why those games exist; well, the internet is a dangerous place.
Now excuse me while I have to go and cry in a corner.

Still crying in a corner,
The Game Mistress

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