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Review: Bayonetta (Xbox 360)

At the time that I was suffering from gaming block I was looking for a unique game that could get me out of that locked stage. So browsing through games I came across Bayonetta. I must admit this crazy unique, twisty game was the kick in my arse needed to enjoy games to max again! … Continue reading “Review: Bayonetta (Xbox 360)”

At the time that I was suffering from gaming block I was looking for a unique game that could get me out of that locked stage. So browsing through games I came across Bayonetta. I must admit this crazy unique, twisty game was the kick in my arse needed to enjoy games to max again! Bayonetta isn’t like any other games I have played. It’s crazy in its own way and that’s what I love about it. Are you ready to join the Sexy Umbra Witch in her journey to kick some angel butts? I sure am!

Game: Bayonetta
Console: Xbox 360
Developer: Platinum Games
Release: 2010
Available at: Amazon


Bayonetta is an Umbra Witch who has forgotten her memory ( oh dear). Not too long after you start to take your guns out and give the angels from heaven a serious beating. You guessed it right, it’s the angels that are the bad guys for once. She travels the city of Vigrid hoping to learn more about the eyes of the world. As the game progresses, memories of Bayonetta return to her, including her skills.
But she is followed by a man named Luka who claims she murdered his father. If that isn’t enough, another Umbra Witch by the name Jeanne seems to be interfering with her business. Later on she stumbles upon a young child namerd Cereza, which gives her more flashbacks; What the hell is going on? Bayonetta isn’t too sure either, but that’s why this story is so fantastic because you never know what to expect! Each character has a cool background. The story twists will surely keep you entertained.

I love Bayonetta’s personality; she is very playful and loves to use her gender to get the attentions of the naughty little angels. She is one tough witch you shouldn’t mess with!


Bayonetta is all about fast paced hack & slash bullet shooting action! Amazing quick combat, stealing your enemies’ weapons while giving them a beating they truly deserve is a real blast! If combat gets a bit hairy you can slow things down with Witch Time: Just dodge an enemy right before he hits you and Bam! you enter this slow-motion state where you move lightning fast and can rain hell down on your enemy! Levels are divided into verse(s). Best way to explain this: each wave of enemies you face is a verse. After you defeated all enemies you are given a reward depending on your combo, time and if you got hit or not. The reward types are platinum, gold silver and stone medals. This will conclude your level performance with a trophy. Some verses can be skipped because they can be hidden in the level.

If you manage to dodge your enemy, you will fill your magic bar which will give you the ability to use Punishment Moves on your enemy. Each enemy has its own punishment, may it be a kick in the arse followed with beheading or getting run over by a big spiky wheel. Make sure you spam the buttons’ that display on the screen to get a higher score and to do more damage to your enemies. This will make sure they lose their health far quicker if not finish them off! If you are a bit bored of all the fighting I can mention it is really worth to explore your surroundings. Sometimes you will have to stop and think as there are small puzzles scattered around each level.

Hidden chests can contain items you can use in crafting. You can find books that are scattered across each level that give you some background information of the world and enemies you are fighting. You can collect Tears of Umbra Blood which the local crows hold. These blood tears are awards as well and you unlock an achievement.

You can collect items that will help you in crafting lollies or other power ups that offer health and magic recovery.

Keep your eyes open for special records that are awarded to you once you defeated a certain enemy. Deliver them at the gates of hell to unlock a new weapon!

Besides the combat and exploration, the game is packed with puzzles that you will have to solve, all giving you a richer game experience!

As mentioned above the gates of hell can be accessed during a mission if you find the red portal or otherwise at the end of each mission. The Gates of Hell is a place with a store that sells goodies that will help you along your journey. You can learn new abilities in The Gates of Hell that will be a great aid on your journey.

Once you cleared a level you get to play the mini-game Angel Attack. Your task here is to shoot angels with a limited amount of bullets.

The boss fights in this game are truly amazing. The game doesn’t slow down one bit and you will have to use your skills in bringing these humongous bosses down. Or die trying.


The graphics from its time (2010) are amazingly well detailed. The angels funny enough do look like demons (well they are butt-ugly). The character models are very well animated with smooth animations. The landscape looks very beautiful. Unfortunately does the Xbox 360 suffer framerate issues every now and then.


I love the music in this game, it reminds me of the typical Japanese pop/rock. Bayonetta also comes with terrific voice acting that helps to add great depth to the characters.

The good and the bad

Good points

– Insane combat that will put a smile on your face
– Beautiful visuals
– Terrific voice acting
– Collecting collectibles with give you an insight to the story

Bad points

Framerate drops every now and then


Bayonetta is in itself a unique pearl that offers you a unique journey that is hard to come by. A compelling story driven with great narrative and secret books will surely keep your mind interested. Combat in this game is very entertaining. The combo moves and the Witch Time enhance the experience. The music during combat is very funky. This game has it all; exploration, combat, beautiful visuals, upgradable items system, crafting and great boss fights. But this does sometimes get too much for your Xbox360 which is a shame.

My video review:

You can still get this game both new and used at Amazon!

Game on!

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