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Darksiders 2 WiiU review

[intro] If you love dungeon crawling adventure games like The Legend of Zelda, than Darksiders 2 is the game for you. Venture forth as Death to save your brother War! [/intro] Console: WiiU Release: 2012 Genre: Adventure Developer: Vigil Story Darksiders 2 is in parallel of the first game Darksiders. This time you play “Death”, … Continue reading “Darksiders 2 WiiU review”


If you love dungeon crawling adventure games like The Legend of Zelda, than Darksiders 2 is the game for you. Venture forth as Death to save your brother War!


Console: WiiU
Release: 2012
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Vigil

Darksiders 2 is in parallel of the first game Darksiders. This time you play “Death”, Death believes that his brother, “War”, is innocent. War was accused to start the apocalypse pre mature, he is determent to save his brother, to barter for his life, he must resurrect humanity, but he isn’t sure how he can do this. He meets up with the Crowfather. After an intense battle he learns he must find the Tree of Life, but is it really that simple?

There are hidden dangers waiting for our brave horseman, Death has to travel through realms to find the truth how to restore humanity and face a new threat: Corruption.

I would like to point out that the story is very well done, there is a lot of emphasize of the individual characters you meet, I have fallen in love with Death, he is the coolest anti hero I have seen in a long time.

The gameplay will surely not disappoint you, there is a lot going on. Let’s see, where I shall start. Darksiders 2 is basically an adventure game. You play as the horseman Death, who has a reign of skills that will help you to survive. You press (Y) for his scythe attack or (X) for his secondary weapons attack. Combine the buttons (x) and (y) for awesome attacks. You can find weapons across the world, which differ in attributes. You can also find possessed weapons and armour that you can level up by sacrificing other equipment, making them more powerful and to free up bag space.

Death is capable of levelling up and unlocking additional skills and spells. You can go to a trainer to train even more deadly skills. Every time you level up you are awarded a skill point that you may use as you please to unlock your skills once the level requirement has been met.

Additionally there are special abilities hidden in the world, you will gain them as you explore and follow the main story line. These skills are essential to move forward with the game. One of these skills allows Death to split his soul in three parts. Death isn’t alone; he has his faithful mount Despair with him. You can mount up on Despair in an open area making travelling faster. Once an area has been explored you can quick travel to it from the map. Dusk is the second companion of Death, a crow that will hint you where your next objective in the game can be found, should you get stuck.

The main quest shows as a golden circle on your map, how ever there are plenty of side quests, and collectibles. Keep your eyes open for them, the collectibles can help to empower your character. The quests in this game are far from boring and they are worth doing.

The temples in Darksiders 2 are well designed; there are enough puzzles to test your brains and traps to test your skills which will keep you busy. You will have to find keys that will help you to unlock locked doors. At the end of each dungeon you will have to defeat the boss. The boss fights in this game are fun and challenging. Sometimes you will need the help of the environment to defeat the boss.

The world itself is amazing; there is enough exploration to do that will award you greatly. You have to travel to five different realms to complete your goal. Every realm is different, fun and challenging, they will not bore you.

I have to point out that the music in this game is simply fantastic; this is one of the factors why I fell so much in love with this game. The music is very fitting, when you are in a fight with bosses or enemies the music gets dramatic. The sound effects are well put together.

A big plus point is the voice acting: the voice actors fit well to the characters they are starring, especially the voice for Death is very well done, you really get to know what kind of person he is.

The graphics look stunning on the WiiU. The environment is richly detailed with lovely elemental effects. Sadly there are frame rate issues on the WiiU, thanks to lazy programming. Sometimes these graphical glitches can crash the game. I have fallen through the world twice and once suddenly died without an explanation. Or I jumped on an object and the game takes full control of my character, then I can’t do anything and suddenly the game crashes.

WiiU exclusive
The tablet is the real start in the game. I can choose to switch the TV off and continue the game as it is on the gamepad. Or play on both and use the gamepad as the interface, switching skills has never been easier. I can switch weapons without pausing the game. To me that’s a fantastic addition. There are also motion controls in the game using the built in gyroscope that help you to swim, or to control golems. To me they could have left that out, as it is rather annoying, however you can give your control a gentle thrust to dodge, and dash and that works fine for me. Graphically the game looks very good.

Good points
– Amazing adventure and challenges,
– huge diversity in each realm,
– fantastic sound, music and voice acting,
– Wonderful character design and overall world design,
– the game will offer you about 20,5 hours gameplay.

Bad points
– Technical issues including game freezes, which are really annoying,
– frame rate issues thanks to lazy programming.

Darksiders 2 is a must have, especially for the WiiU, if you don’t have it on the other consoles. The game offers a challenging adventure. I have become a huge fan of Death. Vigil has done a great job creating the character. With spot on voice acting and music this game is a pleasure to the ears. However I wished they used more time on the WiiU version as sloppy frame rate and the unforgiveable crashes are a real pain. I know it is a launch title and it is a port to the WiiU, I know the developers didn’t have much time, so that is forgiven in my eyes.

Darksiders 2 won’t leave you disappointed.

Game on!

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